Once again, The Bloom Firm is proud to represent a prestigious client engaged in a high-profile lawsuit. Our client, Michael McCarron, is one of the most accomplished and respected labor union leaders in the country. A union carpenter since 1978, Mike was elected president of Carpenters Local 1506 in 1996, and shortly thereafter as Executive Secretary-Treasurer of what is now known as the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters.

As EST, Mike fought for the rights of union members; for fair wages and working conditions, while building several state-of-the-art training centers. Through cutting-edge organizing efforts, the Council’s membership grew to over 65,000 carpenters, and under Mike’s guidance, the Southwest Council’s net worth increased approximately $125 million.

“Mike has improved conditions for all working people at the SWRCC. Through his leadership, Mike has negotiated good contracts, provided training, and united the members of the Council.” – Wayne Catalano, Retired SWRCC Administrative Assistant, Local 150

Mike is now in the fight of his life, as he is embroiled in federal litigation with the SWRCC after being removed from his elected position on charges that he vehemently denies. Meanwhile, Mike has brought charges of his own against the SWRCC and has brought separate state charges against the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (the International), which governs all North American Councils, currently under the régime of Mike’s older brother and General President, Doug McCarron.

“I am standing with Mike because when one sees an injustice occurring, you cannot in good conscious let the injustice continue. The charges against Mike are wrong and without merit. Mike has been such an asset to the Council and the Brotherhood.” – Ken Moloch, Retired Representative and President of Local 409

“Mike’s dedication to our union’s cause and his proven leadership are the reasons the Council has progressed over the last decade. Mike’s leadership skills are obvious and certainly recognized by our national leaders as they have entrusted several states to the Council’s governance.” – Michael Olds, Former SWRCC Administrative Assistant and Financial Secretary, Local 2361

Most recently, The Bloom Firm successfully opposed the SWRCC’s pre-trial challenge to Mike’s counterclaims pertaining to the SWRCC’s violations of the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act. With The Bloom Firm on his side, Mike is already eyeing a promising future with the Council.

“I’ve been honored to fight for my union brothers and sisters for 33 years; I look forward to continuing my duties as EST at the conclusion of this rather unnerving setback.”

– Michael McCarron

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