We trust law enforcement not only to enforce the law but to follow it as well. Police officers have a very difficult job and they perform that job well most of the time, but there are instances when police officers cross the line where they are the ones breaking the law.

The Bloom Firm helps those who have been injured by members of law enforcement who acted above and beyond the law by using excessive force resulting in injury to someone.

  • Excessive force occurs when the physical force used by law enforcement to detain or arrest someone is reasonably considered more than what is necessary for the situation.
  • Civil rights laws do not have strict guidelines or clear definitions for reasonable or excessive force, so the issue is decided based on the facts of each case and the circumstances of particular incidents.

For you to be successful in these cases, you need an aggressive, knowledgeable, experienced attorney who not only knows the law, but who can argue effectively that you deserve compensation for injuries caused by the use of excessive force. The Bloom Firm attorneys have handled dozens of excessive force cases throughout the years. Our success stories include:

  • A federal case involving racial profiling, unlawful arrest, use of excessive force and violation of due process rights against the City of Antioch and Antioch Unified School District. Our clients, three African-American students, obtained a $775,000 monetary settlement  and defendants agreed to a consent decree requiring the school district to revise its policies to combat race discrimination.
  • A six-figure monetary settlement in an excessive force case on behalf of an African-American client against the Oakland Police Department.
  • A confidential financial settlement on behalf of a client in an unlawful arrest and excessive force case against the City of Hayward and a private security company.
  • The Bloom Firm subbed in to save another attorney’s case on the verge of dismissal and achieved a tremendous victory for an assaulted victim by quickly and aggressively conducting an investigation, interviewing witnesses, hiring experts, and securing the depositions of the overly aggressive police and security guards.

Lisa Bloom has written a bestselling book (Suspicion Nation), many articles, and speaks frequently on television, radio and to community groups about racial profiling and excessive force, which she has called “THE civil rights issue of our time.” She is one of the nation’s most constant and outspoken voices on behalf of police abuse victims.

If you have been injured due to law enforcement’s use of excessive force, the Bloom Firm can help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries. Strict statutes of limitations apply, so contact us today.