The Bloom Zoom

Episode 1 - Help, I'm the Victim of Coronavirus Discrimination!

Episode 2 - Asian-American Discrimination During the Coronavirus

Episode 3 - You Have The Right to a COVID-Safe Workplace

Episode 4 - You Do Not Have to Be Perfect to Stand Up!

Episode 5 - Does My Employer Have to Accommodate My Anxiety Disorder

Episode 6 - Was My Layoff Illegal

Episode 7 - Can I Get Fired for Speaking Up About COVID In My Workplace?

Episode 8 - Can My Employer Make Me Get A Coronavirus Test?

Episode 9 - I'm Scared to Return to Work. What are My Rights?

Episode 10 - Protestors: Your Three Most Important Rights!

Episode 11- What To Do If You're A Victim Of Police Misconduct

The Bloom Zoom - Episode 12 - Can I Be Fired For Supporting Black Lives Matter?

The Bloom Zoom - Episode 13 - Can My Boss Do That?