Our sources of news and information have become a chaotic, ever changing blend of 24/7 blogs, social media posts, websites, print publications, television and radio. Allegations, accusations, and outright false statements can now travel the globe in seconds, potentially reaching millions of people.

We understand the media and the laws that apply to it. We leverage that understanding and experience to benefit our clients. Lisa Bloom has unique, insider insight into how American media works.

Lisa has hosted her own national daily television show on Court TV for eight years and appeared daily on shows like the Today Show, Dr. Phil, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and On Call with Dr. Drew. Lisa is a popular online legal analyst ( ) and appears frequently on radio.

Lisa represents high profile celebrities navigating through media onslaughts, including Janice Dickenson (model and realty TV star), Michael Lohan (father of Actress Lindsay Lohan), Oksana Grigorieva (ex-girlfriend of Mel Gibson), Tariq and Michaela Salahi (the alleged “White House party crashers” and a Real Housewife of Washington, D.C.), reality TV stars Markus Klinko and Indrani, Good Morning America anchorwoman Lara Spencer and many other celebrities, business leaders and philanthropists, some of whom we cannot name due to confidentiality.

The Bloom Firm also represents high profile clients who seek to remain out of the limelight. We know how to keep our client’s private information private. We obtain retractions of false or misleading stories through a combination of strategies, including demands on media outlets with whom we have relationships, personal meetings with producers, and “cease and desist” letters threatening legal actions if stories that are false are run.

When necessary, we go to court to seek injunctions and/or sue for damages from defendants who violate our clients’ rights.

If you have become the focus of unwanted media attention or fear you may soon be the subject of the media, contact The Bloom Firm today to so we may help you protect your rights and your privacy.