Throughout her notable legal career, Lisa Bloom, on behalf of her clients, has taken on powerful organizations including the Boy Scouts of America, the Los Angeles Police Department and Fortune 500 companies.

Lisa Bloom’s successes established groundbreaking precedents on the foremost social issues including the rights of AIDS patients and sexual abuse survivors.

The Bloom Firm has built its reputation through its successes in high-profile case. Some of The Bloom Firm’s past and current clients include:

  • Nicole Eggert, actress and TV star
  • Just Brittany, music artist and reality TV star
  • Blac Chyna, model and reality TV star
  • Mischa Barton, model, actress and TV star
  • Janice Dickinson, supermodel and reality TV star
  • Lara Spencer, host of Good Morning America
  • Michael Lohan, father of actress Lindsay Lohan
  • Michaele and Tareq Salahi, reality show stars
  • CEOs and executives of multi-billion dollar companies.

But you do not need to be a celebrity or a CEO to have us fight for your legal rights and defend your interests.

At The Bloom Firm, our clients are our highest priority. We know what it’s like to go through a legal dispute and have a legal problem. You need help and we can be there for you. Whether your case is in the media or not, it’s the most important thing that you must face – we understand that.

Litigation can be very stressful. You deserve the highest level of care and concern from your attorney. If you need help and want experienced, effective legal representation along with the kind of personal service you deserve, contact The Bloom Firm today!

Lisa Bloom, Esq.

Vernon L. Ellicott, Esq.

Arick Fudali, Esq.

Sally Mitchell, Esq.

Raquelle de la Rocha. Esq.

Anna Levine-Gronningsater, Esq.

Alan (Avi) Goldstein, Esq.

Jordan Oslin, Esq.

Tiffany Helfman, Esq.

Sarah Bloom, Esq.

Serineh Terzyan, Esq.

Xavier Villegas, Esq.

Teri Gibbs, Esq.

Colleen Mullen, Esq.

William Shapiro, Esq.

Sowmya Sastri, Esq.

Steve Conlon

Jenny Batdorj

Kimberly Govea

Rick Galbreath

Braden Pollock

Marcelino Valencap

Mykael Williams

Lucy Hovsepyan

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