Office Manager/ Media Coordinator

Marcelino Valencap is the firm’s office manager and Lisa Bloom’s executive assistant and media coordinator. He is in charge of handling Lisa’s media appearances, coordinating the firm’s press conferences, potential client intake and managing the office’s busy calendar. Marcelino was also the producer of Lisa’s podcast, The BloomCast: Voice of the Resistance. Vibrant, energetic and creative, Marcelino also serves as the office’s fun coordinator, planning events throughout the year to boost morale and team bonding. Marcelino’s contribution as the “office-hero” has helped develop a sense of teamwork and aids in the office’s productivity.

Marcelino’s passions include event planning, raising money for the LGBTQ+ community and cheerleading. He is currently a competitive cheerleader holding numerous state and national titles at the collegiate and all star level.  Marcelino combines his love for cheerleading and philanthropy as a long-time member of a non-profit organization called CheerLA, a group of volunteers who raise money for HIV/AIDS-related charities through dynamic cheer, dance and stunt performances.

In his spare time, Marcelino enjoys spending time with his husband and their rescue dogs and cats.