Lisa Bloom on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight – Part 1


Lisa Bloom Talks Suspicion Nation on Charlie Rose


Piers Morgan Live, Rewind:Lisa Bloom on George Zimmerman


The Today Show: Lisa Bloom Discusses Future Litigation in the George Zimmerman Case


The Today Show: Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom Discusses the San Diego Mayor Scandal


Al Sharpton on George Zimmerman Verdict: We Weren’t Confident, But We Were Hopeful


The Today Show: Analyst Believes OJ Simpson is Unlikely to Prevail in Retrial Attempt


Dr. Phil: The Biggest Money Fights, Wills and Prenups


George Huguely Sentenced to 23 Years for UVA Murder


Today Show: George Zimmerman on Trial


Child Services Visit Tiger Woods


Confessions Against Casey Anthony


Tiger Woods Legal Issues

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