The Bloom Firm represents whistleblowers who report illegal behavior to their own employer and/or to government agencies. We also assist employers in properly handling any uncalled for or misguided whistleblowing situations.

Whistleblower litigation takes many forms and encompasses both state and federal law. Most often, it takes the form of reported illegal activity committed by one’s company/organization, such as illegal billing practices or fraudulent inflation of a company’s expenses. Other times, it involves reports of company violations of state or federal employment workplace safety rules.

Whistleblowers are protected from employer retaliation. If they do suffer workplace retaliation, they may sue for damages.

State and federal laws protecting whistleblowers contain “qui tam” provisions, which permit a whistleblower to file an action to enforce the The California False Claims Act. Such lawsuits have resulted in some of the most significant recoveries to date under this Act. The whistleblower’s lawsuit is filed under seal to permit the Attorney General or local prosecuting authority to investigate and, if warranted, intervene in the action. The whistleblower may be eligible to receive a share of any recovery, and the Act provides him or her with protection against retaliation. These laws can be highly technical. The timing of a whistleblower’s report and the method in which the information is disclosed can have a critical impact on the whistleblower’s protections and the resolution of his or her case.

If you’re in a situation where you want to do the right thing and expose wrongdoing, or if you are an employer facing whistleblower litigation, contact The Bloom Firm today to learn more about your rights and how they can be protected.