Love wins: Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage

Yale Law School, 1985. I read the wonderfully named Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court case which held that marriage was a fundamental American right, and struck down laws banning interracial couples from marrying. “I want to write a law review article arguing that the marriage laws should include gay and lesbian couples too, under

The Charleston church massacre: Of course it’s terrorism

Dylann Roof, the young white supremacist who allegedly murdered nine African Americans at a historic black church in South Carolina, wanted to “start a race war.”  He dressed for the massacre in a jacket adorned with an apartheid-era South African flag, and one from white-ruled Rhodesia. He allowed a woman inside the Emanuel A.M.E. Church

The Civil Rights Live Legal Panel

The Bloom Firm is pleased to announce the Civil Rights Live Legal Panel meeting on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.  The inaugural Civil Rights Live Legal Panel is being convened to serve as a positive platform for meaningful dialog between community members and law enforcement personnel. The panel will allow us to address the continued challenges that

Uncovering the Dennis Hastert cover-up

This Dennis Hastert case is growing more confounding. The former Speaker of the House was indicted a few weeks ago in a case that was widely reported for its allegations that Hastert paid hush money to a sexual abuse victim. Yet Hastert was not charged with sexual abuse, nor was anyone charged with extortion. Hastert

Josh Duggar scandal: We’ve seen this show too many times

Is sexual abuse of girls a tawdry family secret to be swept under the rug or a serious crime? For the Duggar family, based on what we know now, the answer is clear: protect the perpetrator, run out the clock on legal claims, and rely on dubious friends to mask the problem. The Duggars are