Statement From Lisa Bloom, Attorney for Jill Harth



August 2, 2016


Woman Who Alleges Donald Trump Sexually Harassed Her Outraged at His Statement that Sexually Harassed Women Should Just Quit

Jill Harth, who has maintained since her 1997 lawsuit against Donald Trump that he sexually harassed her, including forcibly groping her in his daughter Ivanka’s bedroom, has recently broken her silence and detailed her claims against him. Donald Trump now says in an interview with USA Today that if Ivanka was sexually harassed, she should find a new job or career.

 Ms. Harth’s response: “Trump’s remarks in continue to demonstrate his lack of understanding and  empathy for women in the real world. What he is suggesting is not as simple or realistic as he makes it out to be.  I can say that in my life, one of the main reasons I started my own business is to have an element of control over former male superiors who abuse their power.  When will men wake up and just stop the chauvinistic behavior already?”

Lisa Bloom, who represents Jill Harth, says, “Women fought a generation ago and won the right to equal respect in the workplace. We do not have to choose between a good job and our dignity. I have fought for decades for the rights of workers to oppose sexual harassment. It is the perpetrators of this injustice who should lose their jobs, not the victims.”


Ms. Harth and Ms. Bloom are available for interviews.


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