Fierce. Compassionate. Resilient. Lisa Bloom commands justice and yields success. My case was a novel one involving sexual orientation discrimination and harassment by an employer. I was up against a powerful titan and feared no one would want to take it on. But in less than 24 hrs from sending an email, I heard back from The Bloom Firm. Today, I am happy to report, we WON the case against a huge law firm with a SUBSTANTIAL settlement. This success is only a testament to the masterful architecture and strategy of The Bloom Firm. All my fears of litigation were put to rest by Lisa and her exceptionally nimble & steadfast team. Thank you Lisa for fighting with me in the battle to hold my harasser accountable for their abuse and better yet, teaching them that being gay doesn’t mean you’ll put up with harassment and abuse. There is truly no better feeling than correcting a wrong done to you by someone who thinks they are untouchable/immune to justice….. If you’ve gone through abuse in the workplace, don’t doubt yourself, seek justice, take the leap, CONTACT THE BLOOM FIRM!