I have never quite met a person like Lisa before. I admired her before, but after getting to know her, my admiration grew exponentially. I am so proud to have her behind me, but even prouder to know her and call her my friend. My case was/is a daunting one that I knew would have obstacles, so who better to take it on than Lisa Bloom. Lisa’s dedication to her clients goes above and beyond anything I’ve ever heard, seen, or experienced an attorney do. She is compassionate, empathetic and truly cares about her client’s well-being; Lisa is in this for all of the right reasons. She personally helped me through a very dark time. Lisa is smart as hell, tough as hell and fights like hell. I hope I never have to hire another lawyer again, because I know no one will ever hold a candle to Lisa, her work ethic, knowledge, and her hard-earned success.

The talented attorneys Lisa employs at her firms have the utmost professional standards, are incredibly brilliant, just as hard working, and employ great generosity with their time and empathy. This is not to confuse sympathy with empathy, they are two radically different abilities. They are there when you need them and they genuinely care about their work and how their clients feel about everything. I have the utmost trust in all of them. I could not be happier, feel luckier, or feel more blessed to have been able to work with The Bloom Firm during this pivotal and challenging time in my life.