How to stop online sexual harassment

By suspending his account recently, Twitter has now punished George Zimmerman more than any arm of our justice system. George Zimmerman, infamous for his 2013 acquittal for the shooting death of unarmed African American minor Trayvon Martin, is no longer welcome on the social media site because he revealed personal information and posted intimate photographs

Syrian refugees, George Zimmerman, and the logic of fear

  Many bad arguments are being made in the profoundly misguided effort to keep Syrian refugees from coming to the US. We have made this xenophobic mistake before, turning away ships filled with desperate Jews fleeing Hitler and rounding up Japanese-Americans during World War II. Currently, we take only tiny numbers of refugees in general

It’s time to retire “Stand Your Ground” laws

According to a scathing new report from the American Bar Association, “Stand Your Ground” laws increase homicides, foster a shoot-first mentality that is a “license to kill,” disproportionately justify violence against people of color, and endanger police officers. Coincidentally, this occurred during the same week that the infamous shooter most associated with Stand Your Ground,