Bloom: How same-sex marriage has changed us

Note from Lisa: My heart breaks for the victims of the recent horrific slaughter at a gay nightclub in Orlando, and for the LGBT community everywhere, suffering terribly from this murder of innocents. But none of us should be silent. None of us should stop the work, not even for a moment. We have won

Kim Davis and the limits of religious freedom

How surreal for me to return home from a freewheeling week at Burning Man – the 70,000-strong arts community in the Nevada desert that’s all about inclusion and love – to read about a Kentucky official so opposed to recognizing same-sex marriage that she attempted to shut down all marriages in her county, then went

Love wins: Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage

Yale Law School, 1985. I read the wonderfully named Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court case which held that marriage was a fundamental American right, and struck down laws banning interracial couples from marrying. “I want to write a law review article arguing that the marriage laws should include gay and lesbian couples too, under