The Trump clan is very confused about sexual harassment

I had thought sexual harassment law was relatively straightforward. For decades, unwanted touching or comments in the workplace has been illegal, and companies have been required to protect victims and punish perpetrators. But just last week, three members of Donald Trump’s family, including the candidate himself, stumbled badly when asked simple questions about job harassment.

Bloom: The many lawsuits of Donald Trump

People with lots of money are often the targets of lawsuits, but even for a billionaire, Donald Trump has been sued a shocking amount. He’s been named as a defendant in at least 169 federal lawsuits, according to a investigation. Some of the cases have been resolved, some were dismissed as frivolous, and others were privately

GOP candidates are running against the Constitution

GOP presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson announced on Meet the Press last weekend that he did not think a Muslim should become President of the United States. “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” said the candidate who has ranked second to Donald Trump in polls. “I absolutely

Donald Trump’s Textbook Racism

This week I’ve appeared on Dr. Drew’s HLN TV show, Jami Floyd’s WNYC radio show, and several others, talking about race. Reality show star and real estate magnate Donald Trump said of Mexican immigrants a few weeks ago: “They are bringing drugs. They are bringing crime. They are rapists and some I assume, are good