Uncovering the Dennis Hastert cover-up

This Dennis Hastert case is growing more confounding. The former Speaker of the House was indicted a few weeks ago in a case that was widely reported for its allegations that Hastert paid hush money to a sexual abuse victim. Yet Hastert was not charged with sexual abuse, nor was anyone charged with extortion. Hastert

Josh Duggar scandal: We’ve seen this show too many times

Is sexual abuse of girls a tawdry family secret to be swept under the rug or a serious crime? For the Duggar family, based on what we know now, the answer is clear: protect the perpetrator, run out the clock on legal claims, and rely on dubious friends to mask the problem. The Duggars are

Dear Justice Kennedy: Look not to the millennia

In the most important civil rights case of this Supreme Court term, the issue of whether the constitution requires every state to recognize same-sex marriages was argued this week. The four liberal justices, including all three women on the Court, appear ready to hold that the equal protection clause of the constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment bans


As the media continues to expose an appalling series of police shootings of mostly unarmed African Americans, most of us view the stories through the lens of our own experience. White Americans generally respect law enforcement, and assume that they tell the truth when they say they were threatened and had to shoot. Seventy-seven percent


Indiana recently made news for passing a religious freedom law that was a thinly disguised attempt to legalize LGBT discrimination. Now the state is in the spotlight again – this time for targeting women’s reproductive rights. An Indiana woman was just sentenced to 20 years in prison, in part for attempting to terminate her pregnancy.

Why Indiana’s homophobic religious freedom law is a disaster

In the struggle for equality for LGBT Americans, it’s two steps forward, one step back. Sometimes it comes down to pizza, and every slice matters. I’ll explain. Gay marriage is now the law in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Nearly 72 percent of the U.S. population lives in a state currently issuing marriage licenses to same sex

Six Steps for Lawyers (and Everyone Else) to Become Better Listeners

What’s the number one complaint clients have about their lawyers? Uncivil communication. Put more bluntly, we can come across as arrogant jerks. For some of us, that’s because we actually are obnoxious blowhards. But for the rest, it’s because we’re busy, we’re stressed, we’re trained to get right to the point, even to bore in