The Bloom Firm is uniquely experienced in several types of environmental law including handling environmental justice cases on behalf of communities, CEQA/NEPA litigation, Clean Air Act litigation, Clean Water Act litigation, toxic tort or toxic exposure litigation, Statutory enforcement, evaluation of the legal impact associated with statutory language, negotiating complex contracts or matters involving Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs).  The Bloom Firm is designed to handle statutory interpretation, litigation, negotiation and trial due to the firm’s diversity of experience and expertise of the attorneys and staff.

When deciding on a firm to any issue involving environmental law, you most likely want a firm with experience.  The Bloom Law Firm specializes in environmental law as well as complex civil litigation and work with attorneys that are nationally recognized experts on toxic torts, complex civil litigation, brain injury cases and the enforcement of statutory law.   Having won a twelve million-dollar ($12,000,000.00) jury verdict on behalf of three clients in toxic tort action in Federal Court; our environmental law attorney served as lead counsel for Masry & Vititoe, the firm depicted in the movie, Erin Brockovich.

Many environmental law cases are not only complex but they involve complex public policy issues and can become public very quickly.  The Bloom Firm has experience handling high profile cases, working with legislative bodies and with agencies implementing public policy.  The firm also has extensive history working with law makers, with communities, with community organizers and generally handling issues that concern the public.  In short, we have experience negotiating, litigating and taking large cases to trial as well as working with legislative bodies. Contact The Bloom Firm for a free consultation.